Sustainable Development & Environmental Respect

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INOKS Capital prides itself in providing the qualified investment community the opportunity to have a direct and long lasting impact on the Emerging Market women and men’s capacity to generate wealth.

We believe that ethical investments should not only be compliant with ESG/SRI selective criteria but also seek to deliver positive impacts while being economically sound and efficient for all Stakeholders involved.

Our proprietary due diligence process carefully screens the direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts of any investment in order to establish both discriminating and qualifying criteria.

All the investments serviced by INOKS Capital are bound by this very simple set of criteria. If an investment does not meet qualifying criteria or breaches them, it will not be considered service grade or will be divested:

No negative externality - We do not invest in:

Countries and entities which are sanctioned by OFAC, the UN, the EU, and the DFAE
Companies which manufacture

non-industrial alcohol, weapons, tobacco or GM foods
are engaged in gaming or animal testing
are guilty of human rights violations
don't treat workers / people / animals / the environment with respect and dignity

At least one positive externality - We do invest in:

Companies which positively contribute to one or more of the following:

sustainable development
poverty alleviation
food security
environmental protection
corporate governance